Trick, or… Kaboom! -- Free "Spooky Science Night", Oct. 27
Trick, or… Kaboom! -- Free "Spooky Science Night", Oct. 27

October 25, 2012

"Spooky Science Night" Promises to be a Blast for Kids age 5 – 12

Kids (and parents): Do not try this at home!

In the attached photo, Jamie Goettel, a licensed pyro-technician and second-year masters student (Chemistry), ignites a chemical compound inside a pumpkin that causes it to explode.

The activity was a test prior to the Lets Talk Science team's "Spooky Science Night," a free community event taking place on campus on Saturday, Oct. 27 beginning at 5:30 pm in the University of Lethbridge University Hall Atrium.

Spooky Science Night will be filled with fun, Halloween-based, hands-on science activities sure to excite and engage the younger generation — kids aged 5 – 12 -- followed by some captivating and explosive demonstrations. To top the night off, participants can sample ice cream made from liquid nitrogen.

Science is fun when it is performed in a safe and controlled environment, therefore we ask that all participants are accompanied by at least one adult.

So, if you ave you ever wondered if your favorite blue candy is really blue, if you've been interested in how your breath can make magic happen, or if creepy, crawly things excite you, then Spooky Science Night is for you. Even if it's not, come anyway, and lean all about creative science hidden amongst the explosions and slime.

Let's Talk Science is national organisation that helps university teams across Canada bring science education to young people. The U of L's student-managed team visits approximately 20 schools each year. Contact for additional information.

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