Snow removal and sanding ongoing after Tuesday's heavy snowfall
Snow removal and sanding ongoing after Tuesday's heavy snowfall

October 24, 2012

When Old Man Winter decided to grace the University of Lethbridge with his presence this week, the Grounds department was ready, but even Grounds workers weren’t expecting such a large amount of heavy, wet snow to greet them Tuesday morning.

The department’s first priority was to clear the main walking paths across campus to allow pedestrians access to the University, after which they would normally tackle the parking lots. However, this week’s event was a greater-than-normal snowfall, and it took much longer to clear the sidewalks and roadways.

Unfortunately, by the time Grounds was finished clearing pathways, people began to arrive on campus early Tuesday morning and it was not feasible to begin plowing the parking lots with cars randomly scattered throughout the lots.

Grounds is diligently dealing with the challenging conditions and is doing its best to ensure snow is cleared and icy areas are being sanded as quickly as possible.

During typical snowfall events, the Grounds crew plows parking lots overnight, but by Tuesday evening, the wet snow had turned into packed ice, which is impossible to move with the department’s snow removal equipment.

In the meantime, the department advises everyone to be extra cautious when walking outside and to obey all signage at path closures, which are blocked off for safety reasons and until crews have time to clear the area.

To report snow or ice concerns, call the Facilities Service Desk at 403-329-2602.

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