Edacity Xtreme Challenge Shows Real-world Science at U of L, Saturday, October 20
Edacity Xtreme Challenge Shows Real-world Science at U of L, Saturday, October 20

October 19, 2012

Teams of high school students will be racing around the University of Lethbridge campus on Saturday, October 20 lifting fingerprints and DNA from a ‘crime scene,’ preventing concussions, fixing a river and learning about archaeology, video game creation and much more at the first “Edacity Xtreme Challenge,” which takes place on Saturday, Oct. 20 beginning at 2 p.m. in the Atrium, University Hall.

Edacity* is designed to showcase the amazing array of careers and post-secondary options available in science and technology, and focuses on real world science.

Students must complete as many challenges as possible in a limited time, and will be competing for prizes.


1) Who are you? Who? Who? Using blood, fingerprints and DNA evidence you must solve a "who-done-it" mystery. Host: U of L Biology, Biochemistry & Let’s Talk Science Location: C610

2) 5 Finger discount. Learn how to lift and identify fingerprints and the science behind investigation. Host: Lethbridge Police. Location: C630

3) Light it up & put it out. Discover the science of fire and the principles of extinguishment. Host: Lethbridge Firefighters. Location: C631

4) Incoming; prepare for landing. Measure how various landing methods lessen the impact on the human body. Host: U of L Kinesiology. Location: PE 239

5) How'd you do that? Use video game creation software to discover and explore the physics behind building a video game. Host U of L New Media. Location: B520

6) It's a Ruckus in the Riparian area. Determine how to restore a riparian zone back to health. Host: Cows and Fish. Location: D632

7) Groundbreaking. Archaeology explores how to identify faunal, raw material lithic, and soil sediment particle sizes. Host: U of L Archaeology Club. Location: C720

8) Concussion discussion & Paper 'scraper. Build a structure of protection against impact simulating a concussion. Build the tallest, best-balanced structures. Host: U of L Kinesiology. Location: PE 229

9) Are we there yet? Geocaching Use Global Positioning System (GPS) to locate hidden containers. Host: U of L Geography Club. Location: C620
Edacity is a brand new program created by the Science Alberta Foundation and supported by the Rural Alberta Development Fund and the University of Lethbridge.

In addition to Lethbridge, the program currently operates out of Red Deer and Fort McMurray and surrounding areas and is open to all rural high school students.

*Edacity is an actual word, pronounced “ih-das′-i-tee." It is a noun that generally means the state of being edacious; voraciousness; appetite; devoted; voracious.

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Valerie Archibald, Regional Coordinator, Edacity (Lethbridge)
Cell 403 795-2371
Kelsey Lazarick, cell 403 795-2536


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