Sandblasting on south plaza Friday thru Saturday
Sandblasting on south plaza Friday thru Saturday

October 4, 2012

Construction crews will be sandblasting the south plaza stairway in front of the PE building starting Friday at 7 a.m. until end of day Saturday.

The sandblasting is part of the area’s renovation that includes new concrete stramps - a combination of stairs and ramps.

Similar to staining wood, sandblasting concrete will enhance the entrance way. It will also help clearly define the elevation changes, while creating a consistent pattern between the new renovations and the older part of the plaza.

The area will be fenced in and lined with tarps to alleviate dust in the area. In addition air handling units in adjacent buildings will be turned down or filtered to reduce travelling dust.

People are encouraged to avoid the area and use the underground tunnel as an alternate route.

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