Coffee Cup Recycling Bin on Trial
Coffee Cup Recycling Bin on Trial

September 11, 2012

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Did you know that paper coffee cups can be recycled?

More and more people have been placing their cups in the white, blue and green recycling bags located across campus, but the Caretaking Department has recently introduced a new coffee cup recycling bin to reduce the amount of paper getting soaked in the bags.

The bin has three slots: One to dump leftover coffee, one to recycle the paper cup, and one to recycle the plastic lid.

The new recycling bin is just a trial for now to determine whether it’s practical to purchase more. It is located at the top of the stairwell in the Wellness Centre around the corner from Tim Hortons.

“People are starting to realize that they can recycle their coffee cups, so we wanted to put out something for people to empty their cups before recycling them,” says Caretaking Department Manager Judy Jaeger, adding the pilot is working well so far. “We check it every day to make sure people are using it.”

The trial concludes at the end of September, at which time Caretaking will decide whether or not to buy more bins. Although Jaeger says it’s very likely they will appear across campus in classrooms and seating areas.

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