45th Anniversary Activities, Video presentations and much more
45th Anniversary Activities, Video presentations and much more

January 13, 2012

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Look for this logo on all U of L 45th anniversary activities.

The University of Lethbridge reaches a milestone this year as it celebrates its 45th anniversary. This is an opportunity to celebrate all that is the University of Lethbridge – our past, present and future.

In the coming months, you will see a number of initiatives on campus and in the community that reflect this celebration.


Each month in the Legend we’ll profile the people and events that shape our University, celebrating the U of L’s controversial past through the recollection and retelling of stories from our rebellious beginnings, and using this foundation to speak to the themes of autonomy, access and student-centred education that continue to be at the forefront of the University’s ideals.



You’ll want to watch the Global News Hour each Thursday evening for a series of videos that have been produced for our 45th year.

The 90-second clips are a celebration of the University of Lethbridge story, told through the people who shaped the U of L in its earliest stages right through to the staff, faculty, students and alumni who embody what the University is today and aspires to be in the future.

The first feature is on Faculty of Fine Arts associate professor Blaine Hendsbee.


WEBSITE: http://www.thisismyU.ca

Look to http://www.thisismyu.ca as the year progresses, as it will serve as a hub for all the stories and videos that are being produced for this celebratory year.


We’re proud to celebrate 45 years of bright minds and ideas.

U of L Communications and Public Relations Contact:
Communications and PR Officer (403) 382-7173

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