Re-scheduled Examination Updates
Re-scheduled Examination Updates

December 19, 2008

Due to advance notice of potential threatening weather for Saturday, December 13, the University of Lethbridge postponed scheduled examinations that affected primarily the Faculty of Management and Faculty of Arts and Science from Saturday, December 13 to Wednesday, December 17

Take home exams were not affected.

UPDATE: December 19, 2008

All make-up examinations and extensions to WebCT exams have now been completed in the Faculty of Arts and Science.

Students unable to make use of these accommodations should by now have contacted Advising (SU060, 403-329-5106) so that alternate arrangements for January can be confirmed with instructors.

Students unable to complete their courses before Christmas will have been assigned an “Incomplete.”

If students affected by the postponement of examinations believe that grades have been assigned in error, please contact Advising and your professors once the university reopens in January.

Students must provide documentation (boarding passes, bus tickets, physician’s note, etc.).

The replacement exam will be scheduled by the instructor.

For international/exchange students not returning in Jan, students who begin study-abroad terms in Jan, and co-op students with placements out of town, we will try to arrange for you to write the exam at a partner institution.

If the course is a pre-requisite for a course you are taking next term, you will be able to continue in the Spring as planned. Until your final grade is posted, we will assume that you have passed the Fall (pre-requisite) course.


UPDATE: December 19, 2008

All December exams have now been completed and final grades posted.

Reserves on all MGT courses have been dropped (as of Dec. 22). If you haven’t registered in all of your courses yet – or couldn’t get into a course you wanted – move quickly!

The dates for make-up exams for those who couldn’t write on Dec 17th will be set by each instructor.

If you don’t know the assigned date yet, contact your instructor as early in January as possible. In the meantime, you will see that you have been assigned a grade of “Incomplete”.

If you missed an exam and haven’t yet contacted your instructor or the Undergrad Office (E480, 403-329-2153) to apply for an alternate exam date, you need to do so as soon as possible. Remember that, when you return in January, you will need to provide documentation.

If you have been assigned an “Incomplete” in a course that is a pre-requisite to a Spring course, we’ll assume you’ve passed until we learn otherwise.

Linda Van Esch, PhD
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs
Faculty of Management


UPDATE: December 19, 2008

A Make-up exam day is scheduled for Tuesday, January 6 beginning at 6:00 p.m. in Room N906, Senator Burns Building. This is for any students who were unable to make the rescheduled final exams due to prior travel arrangements.

Students must have made prior arrangements to attend this January 6 exam sitting. They can call our office to double check if they are unsure – 403-284-8596. They must bring with them proof that they were unable to attend such as a bus ticket, airplane boarding pass etc.


Edmonton campus exams were NOT AFFECTED.


To contact your Faculty with specific questions about your exams, please refer to these phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

Faculty of Arts and Science office

Dean’s office (403) 329-2240 / (403) 329-5101

Academic Advising

Arts and Science students are asked to call (403) 329-5106 or e-mail Dr. Craig Monk ( to clarify how their exam can be re-scheduled.

Faculty of Management

Voice: 403.329.2153
Fax: 403.329.2038
General enquiries:
Student enquiries:

Registrar’s Office
Phone: 403-320-5700 Fax: 403-329-5159

U of L Communications and Public Relations Contact:
Communications and PR Officer (403) 382-7173

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