2007 Honorary Degree Recipients, Senate Award Winner
2007 Honorary Degree Recipients, Senate Award Winner

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March 8, 2007

University of Lethbridge Senate Announces 2007 Honorary Degree Recipients and Senate Volunteer Award Winner

A well-known sculptor, a curator known for his commitment to First Nations communities, a local community leader, three pioneering medical researchers and two entrepreneurs who have made their mark in the oil and gas and hospitality industries will receive Honorary Degrees from the University of Lethbridge in 2007.

Judy O'Shea, a well-known University and community volunteer, will receive the Senate Volunteer Award.

The awards will be granted at the upcoming Spring and Fall Convocation ceremonies. Additional biographical information will be made available at the time the individual named receives their Honorary Degree or award.

Gerry Conaty (Doctor of Laws)

Dr. Gerry Conaty, Director/Curator at the Glenbow Museum was selected for his outstanding contributions to the cause of building a special relationship with the Blackfoot Confederacy, and the Blackfoot and Blackfeet people. Dr. Conaty is said to be among the few contemporary Albertans who honour the spirit and original intent of Treaty 7, and played a pivotal role in the implementation of the First Nations Sacred Ceremonial Objects Repatriation Act of 2000. Dr. Gerry Conaty is a resident of Calgary, Alberta.

Dr. Ronald Gillespie (Doctor of Science) – General Faculties Council Nominee

Dr. Gillespie considered to be one of the pre-eminent inorganic chemists of our time. He has contributed to Nobel Prize-winning research and is the creator of the Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion (VSEPR) model. VSEPR is a simple rule which predicts the three-dimensional shape of a molecule. This makes it easy for everyone from high school students to academic researchers to predict what molecular geometric structures will look like. Gillespie’s model has had a revolutionary impact on research, and has made Chemistry more accessible. Dr. Gillespie is a resident of Dundas, Ontario.

John Gogo (Doctor of Laws)

Long-time Lethbridge resident, Korean War veteran and politician John Gogo has had an exceptional career serving the community and the Province of Alberta. In his 18-year career as MLA for Lethbridge West, he served as Minister of Advanced Education at a critical time in the history of the University of Lethbridge, and in a number of influential positions within the government of the day, including a term as Chair of the Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (AADAC). John Gogo is a resident of Lethbridge, Alberta.

Harley Hotchkiss (Doctor of Laws)

Harley Hotchkiss is a geologist, veteran of the second World War, entrepreneur and philanthropist who has been very influential and successful in shaping Canada’s energy industry. He has built on that success to support health research at Alberta’s universities -- including the University of Lethbridge -- by establishing the Hotchkiss Brain Institute. The Institute is devoted to understanding the way in which the brain controls and coordinates human activities and how the brain recovers from stroke or injury. He is also an owner of the Calgary Flames and his commitment to keeping hockey a Canadian sport is well known. Harley Hotchkiss is a resident of Calgary, Alberta.

John McEwen (Doctor of Fine Arts)

Sculptor John McEwen has made a substantial contribution to the cultural ecology and quality of life in numerous communities across the country and outside of our borders through his work as an artist. His large-scale sculptures, known for their bstriking original style, have been installed across Canada and in the United States. Locally, his “Western Channel” sculpture forms a key exterior component of the University Centre for the Arts at the University of Lethbridge, the Southern Alberta Art Gallery in Lethbridge has several of his works on display, and the TransCanadaPipeLines building in Calgary is graced with McEwen’s “Horn and Weaving Fence” on its front plaza. John McEwen is a resident of Hillsdale, Ontario.

Dr. J. Fraser Mustard (Doctor of Arts & Sciences)

Dr. Mustard has been instrumental in the establishment of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIAR) that studies complex problems in the sciences and social sciences. He is a powerful advocate for public health education in the broadest sense and his contributions to research and education are unequalled, particularly in the areas of early childhood development, and population health research. He is the founder of the medical school at McMaster University, in Hamilton Ontario, and is known as a key contributor to the problem-based curriculum model of education, which has defined how Canadian, and now American, medical and nursing schools educate their students. Dr. Fraser Mustard is a resident of Toronto, Ontario.

Terry Royer (Doctor of Laws)

Terry Royer has made substantial contributions to society in business, public service and philanthropy. He is currently the Executive Chairman of Royco Hotels, a Calgary, Alberta based company, and has a more than 30-year track record of success in the hotel and hospitality industry. An alumnus of the University of Lethbridge and long-time board member and former Board Chair, he is currently serving the education community as the Chair of the Access to the Future Fund, and involved in a host of community organizations in Lethbridge and Calgary. Terry Royer is resident of Millarville, Alberta.

Dr. James Edgar Till (Doctor of Science) – General Faculties Council Nominee

Dr. James Edgar Till is a biophysicist who is best known for demonstrating the existence of stem cells with colleague Ernest McCullough. Their efforts, based on research originally conducted in 1961 and regarded as the starting point for this branch of science, won a 2005 Lasker Award, the highest honour for North American medical research. Dr Till’s research has also focused on cancer therapy evaluation, quality of life issues, and the effects of the Internet on the public perceptions of health care delivery. Dr. James Till currently resides in Toronto, Ontario.

Senate Volunteer Award 2007

Judy O’Shea

Judy O’Shea has played a tremendously important role in creating and nurturing the unique sense of academic community at the U of L. She has done so through opening her home to university employees providing them the opportunity to meet and interact with each other. Judy continues to be an invaluable asset to the University. She has served the University and the local community with enviable commitment. Judy O’Shea is a resident of Lethbridge, Alberta.

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