News Roundup -- The Ultimate Manly Accessory? A Moustache!
News Roundup -- The Ultimate Manly Accessory? A Moustache!

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November 5, 2012

Psychology researcher Dr Paul Vasy's work is cited in this Huffington Post story about facial hair.

Research shows that some men do feel facial hair makes them look more worldly or manly. Some like the way it feels. Studies consistently show that women, however, do not necessarily like it. And results often suggest that beards send a signal of masculinity to other men, but do little to attract women.

In a study done by Nick Neave, a Northumbria University psychologist, results found it's light stubble that gets the highest ratings from women. Thumbs up for the scruffy look. Neaves added, '"It was almost as if women preferred a man who could grow a beard but hadn't."

Study results generally showed that men are perceived to look significantly more attractive and even younger when they're clean-shaven.

Research, led by Paul Vasey of Alberta's University of Lethbridge and New Zealand anthropologist Barnaby Dixson, confirmed that overall, both sexes said bearded men looked older. It also affirmed that men with beards appeared to have a higher social status and earned more respect from men.

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