Casting Call for Inside Charlie
Casting Call for Inside Charlie

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Mariette Beaudry
Fine Arts - Dean's Office
September 13, 2006

Casting Call for an independent short film to be shot in HD. The film is a dramatic comedy, and will total 8-10 minutes in length. As of now all roles will be unpaid. Attached is a description of each of the roles and a script can be provided upon request.

To book audition times please contact 403-894-8540 or email at: with the subject line: Auditions

Title: Inside Charlie
Produced By: Braydon Regimbald / Rod Leland
Director: John Poliquin
D.O.P: Ian Flaig
Casting Director/1st Assistant Director: Arden Rhine

Audition Dates: Sept. 20 – Sept. 22, 3-6 pm
Location: Room L1061

Call-backs: September 25

Shooting Schedule: October 19th-22nd


Charlie - photographer and father - parks on a set of train tracks, determined to take a picture that will save his career. When the train comes earlier than scheduled, he refuses to let his career slip between his fingertips. In the seconds before impact he is overcome by a flash of memories—will his mind reveal the one clue that can save his life?

Character Breakdown:

CHARLIE (25 to 35) - photographer and father, is a neurotic, work obsessed individual, who at first glance appears normal. Charlie has developed a nervous eye twitch over time, occurring because he was teased and tormented as a child.

THE BOSS (25 to 45) – a manipulative, unsympathetic individual, who depends on his employees to get his work done for him.

THERAPIST (25 to 35) - a mysterious yet professional, sexy woman with tied back
hair and a tweed suit. When she speaks, you listen.

SCHOOLMATE #1 (10 to 14) – a harmless, care free young boy. Always has good intentions, but can be a bit clumsy at times.

BULLY #1 (10 to 14) - torments and teases Charlie. Can draw attention to someone quickly if they do something to embarrass themselves.

FATHER (40 to 50) – sadistic and over the top, the father is a figment of Charlie’s imagination. Moustache or beard appropriate.

GIRLFRIEND #1 (18 to 28) - a plain Jane, cute college student, who reads a menu across the table.

GIRLFRIEND #2 (18 to 28) - An older looking woman who seems to hold much more experience in all aspects of life than Charlie.

GIRLFRIEND #3 (18 to 28) – a somewhat ditsy young blonde, who is grossed out and asks Charlie about his irregular twitch.

GIRLFRIEND #4 (18 to 28) – an attractive, chatty, picky woman, who can talk your ear off if you let her, and would not know when to stop.

ANGE (25 to 35) – the mother of Charlie’s daughter Molly, who appears pregnant and elegant. No dialogue involved.

MOLLY (5 to 10) – young daughter of Charlie, innocent and fair. Dark hair and a loving smile.

* All characters are based upon the following rough age guidelines. If you do not fall into the age categories, but feel you would be good for the part, come audition for us please.

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