Crew Call for Resolve
Crew Call for Resolve

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Katherine Wasiak
Fine Arts - Dean's Office
August 22, 2006

Crew Call for an independent short film to be shot on 16mm film. This is a small, experimental suspense-thriller with no dialogue, approx. finished length of 5-7 minutes. Need assistance with various technical aspects; sound, lighting and camera assistance. A DVD of the final film will be provided. Below is the Synopsis and contact information.

If interested, please call 403-394-0409 or email me at: with the subject line: RESOLVE.

* These will be long shoot days, with a lot of scenes and camera moves needing to be packed into each day, so efficiency is key. I appreciate all interest, but please only contact me if you can afford those full days and are interested in the completed project.
Thank you.

Independent Short Film 16mm Film
Title: Resolve
Writer/Director: Blake Evernden

Shoot Date: September 16-17 (full days)
Pay Rate: Non-Paying
Location: Lethbridge and surrounding area


Julia Illsley is caught in the middle of a battle of wills. Her daughter, Rebecca, was taken from her outside of school in broad daylight and she has been forced by the kidnappers into retrieving a much sought after object from a man with obvious and dangerous criminal ties.

Now that the task has been complete, and there is literal blood on her hands, the real test of her strength will be called to the front as she heads towards to the final exchange; to get herself and her daughter out alive.

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