Dining Plan Information

Dining Plans are for Everyone

Any active student, staff or faculty can purchase a dining plan. You do not have to live in residence. See Residence Dining Plan on the Housing Services site.

Note: All first year students living in University Hall or Piikani House are automatically enrolled in the dining plan, with no option to "opt out." This is a "room and board" program.

Your Student Identification Card is your Dining Card!

Your student ID card is your payment method for your food purchases. Without it you will have to pay cash, debit or credit card.

There are several Dining Plan Options to choose from:

For all details about these Dining Plan options please see Residence Dining Plan information on the Housing Services site.

Sampler - Available to anyone who would like to take advantage of the benefits provided by a Dining Plan

Commuter (Tax Exempt*) - Our most popular plan, designed for students who are off-campus most weekends and those with average appetites

Value Plus (Tax Exempt*) - Appropriate for students on-campus alternate weekends and those with larger appetites

  • *Only the Base Dollars portion of the dining plan is Tax Exempt. Flex Dollars are taxable

Fixed Overhead Component (FOC)

A Fixed Overhead Component (FOC) of 25% is deducted from all dining plan Base Dollars to cover fixed costs of operating the dining and kitchen facilities, such as utilities, maintenance and rent

This FOC is offset by a 25% discount on food purchases at the cash register using your dining plan Base Dollars

The FOC is not deducted from the dining plan Flex Dollars portion so purchases using the Flex Dollars DO NOT receive 25% discount at the cash register

See Residence Dining Plan on the Housing Services site

Using Your Dining Plan Funds

The following University operations will accept the Dining Plan funds through a simple swipe of the card

  • Urban Market - U-Hall
  • Cinnamon Cafe - Markin Hall
  • Starbucks - LINC Level 9
  • SUBWAY (U-Hall location only)
  • Tim Hortons Express - U-Hall
  • Tim Hortons – 1st Choice Savings Centre
  • REZ Express - After hours Pizza 73 delivery (on Campus delivery only)
  • Most U of L vending machines except in the Students Union Building

Purchasing a Dining Plan

You can sign your Dining Plan contract at Housing Services - C420 University Hall

Pay for your Dining Plan

You can pay for your dining plan at the following locations:

  • Cash Office - AH144 Anderson Hall
  • Housing Services Office - C420 University Hall

I Lost my U of L ID card, what should I do?

Go to the Mycard Manager site and deactivate your ID card as soon as possible.

If you have no immediate access to the internet, call the ITS Solutions Centre (403) 329-2490 to protect your Bridge Bucks and/or Dining Plan funds from being used without your knowledge. Note: This deactivated ID card can never be used again and must be replaced by visiting the ITS Solutions Centre (TH2180) to regain access to these funds.

Please note - Deactivating your ID card here WILL NOT prevent your ID card from being used for other purposes including door access and Library priviledges. Contact the University Security Services Office (403) 329-2345 or visit at L911 located in the LINC building to complete the deactivating process.