How To Apply

1)  Complete the application form

2)  If you do not already have a University of Lethbridge student ID number, we will provide you with one and email you with instructions for the next step

3)  Pay the non-refundable $125 application fee and non-refundable $300 tuition deposit for each semester that you are applying for

4)  Email to let us know that you have submitted your payment - It typically takes at least several business days for payment to be received by the University of Lethbridge


Apply Now!

Application Deadlines

Students must pay their $300 tuition deposit and $125 application fee to the EAP program by the following dates to secure a spot in the program:

Spring Semester: December 1st

Summer Semester: April 1st

Fall Semester: August 1st


* Please note that the EAP program is only offered at the Main Campus in Lethbridge *