As an international student, you can choose to live off-campus or in our on-campus residence buildings. Note that EAP students are often not able to stay in the on-campus accommodation.

On-Campus Accommodation

If you prefer to live on-campus, please visit

Off-Campus Accommodation


If you are interested in a homestay and sharing with a Canadian family, please contact the ULeth Homestay coordinator by emailing

If you would prefer to find your own accommodation off-campus, here is a listing that can help you to get started:

If you are going to be staying off-campus, it might be beneficial for you to wait until you arrive in Lethbridge to find your accommodations so that you can view the properties in person before making a commitment. If you choose this option, you will need to arrange short-term accommodations for your first few days in Lethbridge while you search for permanent accommodations.

Hotel options in the Lethbridge area can be found here.

Short-term homestays in Lethbridge can be found at


During the summer months (May-August), temporary housing is offered at the University through Conference Services.

Living Expenses

In total, for all living expenses, we suggest that you budget $10,000 Canadian dollars per year.

Below you will see an estimate of living costs for one academic year (8 months): your personal costs will vary depending on where you live and what your lifestyle is like.

Expense Type Per Month Per Year
Rent $500 $4,000
Food $300 $2,400
Clothing $100 $800
Transportation $77 $616
Other $250 $2,000
Total $1,227 $9,816

To calculate the exchange rate, use the Bank of Canada Currency Converter.