Semester Dates

Upcoming Semesters

Spring 2018: January 4 - April 6

Orientation / Placement tests for new students: January 4, 5

Classes start: January 8

Final exams: April 2 - 6

Results available: April 11

Summer 2018: May 2 - July 27

Orientation / Placement Tests for new students: May 2, 3

Classes start: May 7

Final exams: July 23 - 27

*Please note that these dates are tentative.


Each level of study takes one semester (approx. four months) to complete; a placement test on the first day of classes will determine in which level you will begin. Our semesters for EAP begin each year in January, May, and September.

Each level of EAP consists of two courses: Writing/Reading and Communication. These two courses make a full-time program across 12-week semesters for Fall, Spring, and Summer. Each course is 10 hours/week.