Accident Incident Reporting

Documenting Your Accident or Injury on Campus

The Alberta Occupation health and Safety Act Regulation & Code require notificiation of all accidents, incidences and near misses to ensure that any health, safety or risk issues are addressed. For the continued safety of yourself and others on campus it is very important that any and all injuries/illnesses be immediately reported to your professor or faculty supervisor, supervisor/manager if faculty or staff.

What to do following an accident/injury/near miss;

  1. Complete first aid and call for assistance from emergancy services or security as required.
  2. Ensure communication of unsafe situations is shared with appropriate personal to prevent further injuries.
  3. Contact your instructor/supervisor after an incident in order to communicate the incident appropriately.
  4. A Campus Accident Incident Report (CAIR) must be submitted ASAP to Risk & Safety Services for all incidents and injuries, regardless of the severity to ensure timely and appropriate follow up is completed. Near misses (an event that under slightly different circumstances could have resulted in personal injury, illness, environmental release, or loss) are also to be reported using CAIR.
  5. If a first aid kit was used to treat the injury please contact the nearest department personnel to inform them of the need to restock the first aid kit.

Following submission of an accident or injury report you may be contacted by staff for further follow up. If you require any assistance in completing the Campus Accident Incident Report please contact Risk and Safety Services. Workers' Compensation Benifits may apply to your injury and require further reporting through Wellness and Recognition.