Health Centre Role in Course Withdrawals for Medical Cause

Also see Student Illness Notes

What to do if Health Problems are affecting your Academics

1. See your faculty advisor
  • Inform your advisor of your situation and review all options to dealing with your concerns. Discuss fully the ramifications of requesting a "Recommendation for Withdrawal due to Medical Causes," indicating the specific course(s). The Advisor may direct you to get physician support for your withdrawal.
2. Book an appointment with the physician who has been seeing you for illness*
  • Physician must have seen you and created corresponding medical documents (the paperwork which outlines the medical reasons for the request for withdrawal) in order to make an informed decision about your eligibility to withdraw from a course due to medical reasons.
  • The Physician will review your situation and if they are in agreement that a health concern caused academic difficulty, will sign a "Recommendation for Withdrawal due to Medical Causes" form. You should review your specific requests for one or more course withdrawals with that physician. Please be aware that you can request this form from a physician but this is not necessarily an automatic situation. The physician must know you and agree with your illness affecting your academic life.
  • This system can sometimes take time and do not expect that a request should be completed to your timeline. You may also need to get information from other clinics, or from another university department (such as disability office or counselling services to add to your request for withdrawal due to medical cause).
  • Before leaving the Health Centre, please ensure that the receptionist has photocopied your form for your chart.
3. Submit completed "Recommendation for Withdrawal due to Medical Causes" form to your faculty advisor
  • Take your form to the advisor you initially saw to discuss your situation. The advisor will let you know the system used to review your request. Again, a note from a physician DOES NOT mean an automatic withdrawal- work with your advisor regarding your situation.
  • There are times when you have previously withdrawn from a course and may need documentation to get back into a course or school. It is best to take any documentation needed for return to the physician that has been treating you for that illness.