Managing Illness

Student Illness needs to be managed carefully.

  1. Check each class syllabus. If you should become ill, check your syllabus from your course and make some decisions. For example: your course outline may state what you need to do if you are ill and missing class, or it may outline the loss of marks from labs or how to handle missing an exam. Should your course not mention illness and how to handle them, you can use office time to talk with the faculty member on your particular situation.
  2. If you are ill with a contagious cold/flu or stomach flu, you can call the Health Centre at 403.329.2484 and talk to a nurse about your situation. If you call after hours, clearly state your name, your student ID number, your phone number and we will call you back and discuss your illness and how we will provide you with a note.
  3. If you are generally ill, remember to book an on-campus or off-campus appointment to see a Physician while you are ill. The UofL Health Centre DOES NOT provide notes for illnesses not seen (or called in as above).
  4. If you are away for more than one week, you will have to pay particular attention to your situation. You may have to contact all your faculty/professors and your Faculty Advisor as well. You will have to make plans as to how you will document your illness and how you will catch up.
  5. If you have a chronic illness that you believe may interfere with your academic life, YOU MUST BOOK AN APPOINTMENT at the Health Centre EARLY in the semester to fully review your situation with a doctor. Even if you have physicians directing your health problems off-campus, this one visit early in the semester will aid in documentation of your illness and help you understand how to cope in this university environment. The physician may have you speak with a nurse and make a health plan regarding your situation. Should your chronic health concern interfere in your semester, book an appointment to follow-up is also important.