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  • During Office Hours

    • Contact Us for an appointment
      If you are experiencing a personal emergency a counsellor may be available as soon as possible. Please note these spaces are reserved for emergencies such as in the case of recent assault, suicide risk or crisis situations.

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      • Sexual Violence Awareness & Support

         ULeth Toolkit

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        After Hours

      • General Emergencies

        • For campus emergencies contact Security at 403-329-2345 or dial 911

        Worrisome Behaviour

      • Walk-in Wednesdays

        Single Session Counselling

        Walk-in appointments start at 8:45 am

        (Closed over lunch)

        Check in with reception at the Counselling Services Office (AH153)


      • Counselling Sessions

        • What should I expect from the first session?
        • What will my counsellor expect from me?
        • Am I required to go to counselling?
        • What techniques will my counsellor use?
        • How should I feel after a session?
        • How long is a session?
        • How long will I need to be in counselling?

      • Confidentiality

        • Is it Confidential?
        • When is it not Confidential?
        • What if you need to contact me?
        • What is a Release of Information Form?

        Relationship With Counsellor

        • What if I know my counsellor personally?
        • What if I don’t like my counsellor?
      • Records

        • What is contained in my file?
        • Will I have access to my file?
        • Does any of my information go on my academic record?
        • Who has access to my information?
        • How is my information stored?

        Academic Regulations

        • What is a Letter of Support?
      • Resources

        Faculty and Staff play an integral role in students' well-being. Due to our small campus size and our close interactions with students, you may easily come across a student who is clearly in distress. The following resources are provided to help you manage this type of situation.

      • Academic Regulations


        Our creative dynamic team uses interactive technologies and can present on a variety of topics

      • Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

        The UofL EFAP is a confidential resource provided to help faculty, staff and family members (who are under the benefit program) enhance their personal and workplace function.

        The EFAP offers:

        • Identification and assessment of personal, family and work-related problems;
        • Short-term counselling and consultation
        • Referral to appropriate services and resources