Graduate FAQ

Also see the Family & Friends FAQ page.

What time do I need to be there?

  • Graduands are to arrive one and a half hours before the ceremony to pick up regalia, parchment(s) and to line up for the procession.
  • The graduand assembly area is in the University Hall Atrium.

What ceremony should I be at?

  • Faculties and Schools are assigned a specific ceremony. Please see the order of conferral for more information.

Where do I park?

What about my personal items?

  • For security reasons, do not bring purses, wallets, backpacks, laptops or any valuable items to the grad assembly area.
  • Light items (jackets) may be checked at the grad assembly area and you may pick them up following the ceremony outside of the gymnasium (PE264). Any items not collected one hour after the ceremony will be moved to Security Services office (L911) for pick up during regular office hours.

Where and when do I pick up and return my regalia?

  • Regalia pick up will be in the University Hall Atrium one and a half hours prior to the ceremony.
  • Return your regalia on the same day as your ceremony to the designated area outside the University Bookstore (SU210A) by 6 p.m. for spring ceremonies and 2 p.m. for fall ceremonies.

Where and when can I get photos taken on the day of my ceremony?

I am unable to attend my ceremony. Do I need to RSVP and how do I receive my parchment?

  • If you are not able to attend your ceremony, RSVP is not required.
  • Your parchment will be available for pick up for one week following each ceremony at the Registrar’s Office (SU140). Those not picked up after one week will be mailed out. Please ensure your permanent address on the Bridge is correct.