International Exchange Student Survey

Dear Exchange Student, We are glad that you chose to participate in a University of Lethbridge international exchange. It was a pleasure having you and we hope that you enjoyed your time. In order to obtain feedback and continuously improve our program, we ask that you kindly fill out this questionnaire. All information is compiled into a database and no student identification is required. You will not be identified by any comments that you make. Please feel free to expand on any question in the explanation portion of the questions or at the end of the survey.

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I found the professors friendly and helpful.
I found housing accomodations to be satisfactory on my exchange.
I would recommend the classes I took at the U of L to future students.
I found the class work equivalent to my home situation.
The level of classroom instruction was suitable for me.
My English language ability was sufficient for class participation / assignments / exams
I had adequate access to the International Centre staff at the University of Lethbridge.
I felt that the coordinator at the University of Lethbridge was helpful during my stay.
I felt well prepared for my experience abroad.
I experienced culture shock on my exchange.
I felt welcome when I arrived at the University of Lethbridge.
The orientation that the International Centre provided was helpful.
My experience with the Buddy Program was positive.
My experience with the Friendship Family Program was positive.