Human Resource Management and Labour Relations Major

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What is Human Resource Management & Labour Relations (HRM & LR)?

Human Resource Management is the study of people at work and the activities associated with recruitment and selection, training and development, retention, and occupational health and safety. A key component is Organizational Behaviour, which examines things like leadership, motivation, employee attitudes, and productivity. Labour Relations is the study of how employers and employees work together to create a fair workplace.

Why complete a HRM & LR major?

As an HRM & LR major, you’ll choose from a broad array of courses, customizing your studies to fit your interests and career goals. You’ll develop a solid foundation of knowledge and practical skills, learning from experts in small, interactive classroom environments.


What courses will I take in a HRM & LR major?

Who will I be working with over the next several years?

Meet our Human Resources Faculty

What can I do with a HRM & LR major?

Learn more about a career In HRM & LR

What programs offer a HRM & LR major?

When you apply to the U of L for admission, you apply to a program (degree or certificate) and a major. A HRM & LR major is available in the following programs:

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