SMART - Call for Paper Submissions

Call for Papers Submission

Social Marketing Advances in Research and Theory (SMART) Conference

October 20-22, 2016

Hosted by the Center for Socially Responsible Marketing at the University of Lethbridge

The Center for Socially Responsible Marketing at the University of Lethbridge will be hosting their fifth “Social Marketing Advances in Research and Theory” (SMART) conference. The conference will provide a forum for presenting and discussing high quality theoretical and empirical social marketing and non-profit research, as well as an opportunity to network with other scholars working in these areas.

The SMART conference will be held October 20 -22, 2016 at the Banff Park Lodge in Banff, Canada ( This venue is located in the downtown area of Banff and is a short walk from the lively restaurants and shops as well as bike trials and hiking trails of the beautiful Banff area. Banff is widely recognized for its natural beauty and abundant wildlife.

Original manuscripts and special topic sessions are sought for presentation at the conference. In an effort to accommodate all high quality manuscripts, there is no specific social marketing theme. In addition to social marketing manuscripts, nonprofit and corporate social responsibility manuscripts are also welcome. All manuscripts will be blind peer reviewed.

Submission deadline is July 4th, 2016. Submit all documents electronically to Walter Wymer at

Notification of acceptance will be made no later than July 19th 2016. You will receive electronic confirmation of your submission within one week. If you do not receive confirmation please email

Manuscripts in their final stages should be submitted as competitive papers. Manuscripts representing work that is still in its formative stages should be submitted as working papers. Although abstracts (5 pages) will be considered, a full-length version of the paper is preferred for review. Papers should not exceed 20, double spaced pages, including text, references, figures and tables. The first page of the manuscript should begin with the title only. Author names should not be included in any part of the paper except the title page.

Special topic session proposals should be no more than six pages. Include a description of the intended session format, a summary of the intended session content and a rationale for inclusion of the session at the SMART conference.

Authors of competitive papers will give 20 minute presentations of their work. Authors of working papers will provide five minute presentations to pique audience interest, which will then be followed by poster sessions to allow for in-depth discussions. Special topic sessions will be 1 ½ hours long.

Manuscript submissions should adhere to the following format:

First Page

  1. Title of manuscript or special topic session
  2. Authors'/participants' names, affiliations, and positions (author/participant identification does not appear again).
  3. Primary contact person with full name, title, address, telephone, fax, and email information.
  4. Type of submission (competitive paper, working paper, or special topic session).
  5. Please indicate your willingness to serve as a reviewer. Reviewers will receive no more than three papers (probably one or two), and will have at least one month for review.

Second page

  1. Title of manuscript or special topic session
  2. Up to 150 word abstract
  3. Keywords

Third page

  1. Begin body of manuscript or special topic session proposal

The Centre for Socially Responsible Marketing at the University of Lethbridge seeks to create and disseminate research in the areas of social marketing, nonprofit marketing, and social responsibility. For more information see our website at: