Practice Interviews

How does the program work?

The practice interview program is designed to help you assess and strengthen your interview skills by providing a realistic interview experience. Practice interviews should be treated as real interviews and you should prepare, dress and act as if this were an employer interview.

The practice interview will be approximately 60 minutes long including questions, answers and immediate feedback at the end. There is the option to have your interview recorded for you to review afterwards.

Who will interview me?

Interviewers are HR professionals from the community paired with co-op office staff, HR faculty or Senior HR co-op students.

The interviewers will present themselves as if they were from the organization addressed on your application so be prepared to speak about the company and the position applied for, but the rest of the interview will cover general business skills, and is not tailored to the specific position.

Am I eligible?

The practice interview program is available to students who are part of the co-op program and who have attended the Career Management Workshop and are actively applying to co-op jobs.

How do I prepare?

Attend the Networking & Interview Essentials Workshop

Review the interview section of the workshop manual regarding behavioural description interviews and STAR format before your interview.

Prepare by drawing on your life experience (work, volunteer, extracurricular, and academics) and outlining complete examples of stiuations where you have demonstrated business skills.

When is the application deadline?

Times are slotted on a first-come first-served basis, so apply early. DEADLINE for the Fall 2017 semester is Ongoing until Space is filled.

When are the interview dates?

Practice Interviews are held each Fall and Spring semesters. Fall 2017 interview dates are:

Lethbridge: September 26 & 29

Calgary: September 21, 22, 23, 25, 27, 30

How do I register for a Practice Interview date/time?

  1. Read through the information above first.
  2. You will need a copy of an application (resume and cover letter together in .doc, .docx or .pdf format) for a posting from the co-op job board to reserve a date/time. This could be an application you have already sent or will be sending.
  3. NOTE: Selecting more available times increases the likelihood of confirming a practice interview time slot. Select all dates and times you are available from the mock interview registration form:
    Lethbridge Campus Practice Interview Registration
    Calgary Campus Practice Interview Registration