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What is Political Science?

Political science is the systematic study of government, politics, and political behaviour, both empirically and normatively. Empirically, it looks at how political conflict is organized and resolved, how rulers are chosen, how governmental decisions are taken, and what policies and laws are determined and implemented, in settings ranging from Canada as a whole to our provincial and local governments to other countries to the relations amongst countries. Normatively, it considers how political actors understand their obligations towards one another, and the degree to which decisions are made out of a sense of right or out of expediency.

Why complete a Political Science major?

As a political science major, you will study the principles, organizations, and administration of government. The major includes both management and political science courses. The political science major offers flexibility to choose courses that fit your personal and career interests. In addition to the required courses, the political science majors can choose six political science and three management electives.


What courses will I take in a Political Science major?

What can I do with a Political Science major?

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What programs offer a Political Science major?

When you apply to the U of L for admission, you apply to a program (degree or certificate) and a major. A Political Science major is available at Lethbridge campus only in the following programs:

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