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What is Economics?

Economics is the social science that provides comprehension of the meaning and relevance of human action under conditions of scarcity. Economists work to understand unalterable laws of economizing behavior, the knowledge of which helps each of us achieve goals which are individual, time, place and circumstance specific. In other words, the study of economics enables a more effective use of scarce resources such as the time and talent people have available, the land, buildings, equipment, and other tools on hand, and the knowledge of how to combine them to create products and services to satisfy human wants.

Economics is a value-free science. It never tells a person how to act; it merely shows how a person must act if they want to attain definite ends.

Why complete an Economics major?

The Bachelor of Management degree with an economics major takes advantage of the natural affinity of management with economics and includes both economic and management courses. It has been used as preparation for post-graduate studies by motivated students.


What courses will I take in an Economics major?

What can I do with an Economics major?

Learn more about a career in Economics

What programs offer an Economics major?

When you apply to the U of L for admission, you apply to a program (degree or certificate) and a major. An Economics major is available at the Lethbridge campus only in the following programs:

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