BA/BMgt or BSc/BMgt Combined Degrees

With a combined Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Management (BA/BMgt) or Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Management (BSc/BMgt) degree, students can explore various interests and careers. For example, students interested in managing an art gallery can major in art and general management; students interested in sports marketing can major in kinesiology and marketing.

The Combined BA/BMgt or BSc/BMgt (PDF) degree program takes five years (50 courses) to complete and leads to the conferral of two degrees.


Combined degrees are only available at the Lethbridge campus.

Available Arts & Science Majors

Arts:   Anthropology, Art, Canadian Studies, Dramatic Arts, Economics, English, French, *French/German, French/Spanish, Geography, *German, History, Kinesiology, Music, Native American Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology, Urban and Regional Studies, Women and Gender Studies, a General Major in the Humanities, or a General Major in the Social Sciences.

* Majors in French/German and German have been suspended

Sciences: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geography, Kinesiology, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, or a General Major in the Sciences.

Management Majors

Students who want to major in Computer Science must complete the Computer Science major in the B.Sc. portion of the Combined Degrees program and choose a different major for the B.Mgt. portion of the degree.

Students seeking combined BA/BMgt or BSc/BMgt degrees may not declare similar majors for each degree. For example, if Economics, Native American Studies, or Political Science is chosen for the BA portion of the BA/BMgt program, Economics, First Nations' Governance, or Political Science respectively must be excluded from the list of BMgt majors.

Management Minor Requirements (PDF)


Work Experience: Cooperative Education Program