Student Support

Academic Tutors

The FNG Program provides tutorial support in all academic areas to all FNMI students on campus, regardless of major.

If you're a student looking for help with course work or studying for your classes, there are tutors available to you at no charge.

To request a tutor to assist you with your studies, please complete the:

If you are interested in providing academic support to an FNMI student, please complete the:

For other questions or to find out more about arranging for a tutor, please contact:

Rhonda Crow
Markin Hall M2061

Elders Program

Elders from the FNMI community are on campus each week to share knowledge and traditional practices; to offer guidance and support; for story telling, cultural teaching and spiritual mentoring. FNMI Elder support is available to any U of L student from any culture.

Financing Your Education

In addition to eligibility for scholarships and awards (see links below), there are several avenues of financial support available to aboriginal students. Visit the U of L FNMI website's Finance section to find out more.

First Nations Metis Inuit Mentors Program

The FNMI Mentors Program is funded through a generous donation from Scotiabank and coordinated by the University of Lethbridge Faculty of Management’s First Nations Governance Program Office.

There are two types of mentoring opportunities available to you:

Youth mentorship
A supportive relationship between a U of L student mentor and youth (two students to each mentor). Mentorship enables the participants to share common interests and spend time together in social activities such as games and sporting events; recreational activities such as swimming, bowling or the climbing wall; pow-wows or other shared interests.

Alumni mentorship
If you are a current U of L student, you may benefit from the wisdom and advice of U of L FNMI alumni. Alumni mentors are available to offer guidance and support throughout your university experience and help you build the confidence to reach your goals.

To get involved with either program, please contact:

Maria Livingston

Native American Students' Association (NASA)

The goal of NASA is to promote inter-cultural relations at the University of Lethbridge, unity amongst club members and to provide members with a stronger voice at the University of Lethbridge. Members are mainly mature students and many have come from distinguished political and social backgrounds such as chiefs, business people, elders and councillors. NASA is one of the oldest student "clubs" at the U of L.

Scholarships and Awards

Prospective and current U of L students may apply for numerous awards through various sources. Some awards are given automatically and others require an application. Either way, it is worthwhile to explore which ones may be available to you. Although Click the links below to find out what you may be eligible for.

University of Lethbridge awards

Faculty of Management awards

FNMI student-specific awards

U of L FNMI Website

Be sure to visit the University FNMI website for further information and an extensive listing of resources and supports.