Student Info

The co-op program enhanced my education by way of giving me the opportunity to take my classroom-learned knowledge and applying it to the working world. I strongly believe that having done co-op terms says to an employer, "Not only do I know what I know, but I have proven that I can actually apply it."
Shelby Hochstein | Co-op student at Syncrude and Chevron Canada

What services and benefits does co-op offer?

• relevant employment opportunities with quality employers
• career development workshops and mock interviews
• one-on-one career development and interview assistance
• interview preparation tips
• restricted job board access (job search is done for you)
• interview and offer follow-up
• ongoing support throughout your work term including on-site visit
• assistance with self-initiated work terms
• access to volunteer opportunities that help build your skill set

Co-op Student Brochure