Winner of Best External Delegate at QBET

Felipe Ferreira attended many conferences while being a student in the Faculty of Management. Most recently he attended the Queens Conference on the Business Environment Today, in Kingston Ontario (Oct.30-Nov.1).

Felipe Ferreira

Not only did he actively participate and network at the event, he also received the award for the Best External Delegate. The criteria for this award was that the student attend a University other than Queens University (the host school), and was based on participation and engagement during the entire conference. He received an autographed Montreal Canadiens jersey and a plaque signifying his accomplishment.

Ferreira said that he chose to attend the conference for the opportunity to network and meet new people. Among the estimated 120 delegates in attendance, he was the only student from Alberta.

The conference consisted of three different competitions and the opportunity to listen to some very distinguished speakers. The Editor and Chief of The Globe and Mail was one of the keynote speakers. Ferreira also had the opportunity to not only listen to, but meet the Associate Vice President of LoyaltyOne (the company that owns Air Miles).

The three case competitions provided for a great learning opportunity Ferreira said. The first was a Merger and Acquisition simulation. Every fifteen minutes symbolized a day in the simulation, with the objective being to partner with the government. His group consisted of four students, and they were successful in making an agreement.

The second was a case competition sponsored by the KPMG Strategy Group. This case was about an airline company struggling in Australia. His team of five students created both a short and long term strategy for the company. This activity allowed him to demonstrate his university education, utilizing analytical skills and public speaking techniques. He had the opportunity to meet representatives from the KPMG Strategy Group.

The third competition was sponsored by CHUBB Group of Insurance Companies, a company that serves property and casual customers in many counties around the world. In a team of four, they were tasked with performing risk assessments for companies to determine which ones to underwrite. Ferreira’s team did very well, finishing fifth out of the sixteen teams.

Ferreira said “[t]he conference was a great opportunity to network with students and industry people from Eastern Canada. Having connections all around the world is a good thing because you never know where you will be in the future”. He highly recommends this conference to management students in the future and said that this was a great end to his university experience.

The Faculty of Management is proud to have a student who represented our University so well, and took advantage of a great opportunity. Ferreira applied for and received funding from the Student Professional Development Program The Faculty is very pleased to see students taking advantage of this funding and representing our university so well. Congratulations Felipe!