Volunteer Links

Action Without Borders
The database of volunteer opportunities links people and organizations in 140 countries.
AFS Interculture Canada
AFS Interculture Canada is an educational movement that promotes global education and intercultural understanding through quality exchange programs for ages 15 - 55.
British Tourist Authority
General information about working holidays in the UK, including a listing of some organizations that employ foreign nationals for short periods.
The database lists internships and volunteer work in business and trade, technology, medicine, government, U.N., humanitarian and development work, and the environment.
Canada World Youth [CWY]
Canada World Youth has been providing young people with exciting international educational and work placement opportunities for nearly 30 years. (Age 17 – 29)
Charity Village
Charity Village provides on-line resources for the Canadian non-profit sector, including pages of news, jobs, and other information.
Offers volunteer service and cross-cultural programs in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Toronto, and New York City.
CUSO works internationally for global social justice by sending Canadians on two-year volunteer placements with partner organizations in developing countries.
Engineers Without Borders
The EWB Student/Youth volunteer program is designed to offer opportunities for students and youth to get involved in the application of appropriate technology in the developing world.
Exchanges Canada
Exchanges Canada provides access to information on various exchange programs and activities available in Canada and abroad.
Global Service Corps
Global Service Corps provides opportunities for adult volunteers to work on short-term projects in Costa Rica, Thailand and Kenya.
Hope International Development Agency
Hope offers overseas volunteer opportunities in developing counties providing alternative technological and educational support to local communities.
Educational programs overseas, providing opportunities to work and live in other countries.
Queen's International
A non-profit student-initiated and student-run organization dedicated to improving individual and community health.
Right to Play
Is a humanitarian, non-governmental organization (NGO) committed to improving the lives of the most disadvantaged children and their communities through their Sport for Development program.
Student Volunteer Program
"The Student Volunteer Program (TSVP) is a Toronto-based sustainable development organization that participates in rehabilitation and redevelopment activities in various developing countries. The program offers numerous opportunities in Sri Lanka."
UCI International Opportunities Program
It lists a variety of different programs (jobs and volunteer).
Unite for Sight
Unite for Sight empowers local communities in African, Asian, and Latin American countries to develop sustainable solutions to health needs. Volunteer opportunities are available in rural villages, urban centers, and refugee camps in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and/or Eastern Europe.
Visions in Action
Visions in Action offers mostly 6-12 month programs for university graduates. Some short-term summer opportunities are also available. Volunteer postings are normally in parts of Africa as well as Mexico.
Is a directory for international volunteer programs where you can search through thousands of volunteer programs around the world.
Volunteer Bolivia
Is a project of Jakaña, a Bolivian non-profit association that provides volunteer positions with a wide variety of humanitarian and ecological organizations in Bolivia."
Volunteers in Technical Assistance
A non-profit organization engaged in international development.
This international development agency sends volunteers on two-year placements primarily in Africa and Asia to work on a variety of different development projects.
World University Service of Canada [WUSC]
World University Service of Canada (WUSC) is a network of individuals and post secondary institutions. It is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that enables volunteers, professionals, and students to participate in development activities and projects in Canada and abroad.
Youth Challenge International [YCI]
Youth Challenge has implemented field programs internationally, involving participants from different countries. It combines community development, health work and environmental research in projects conducted by international teams of volunteers (age 18 to 25).
Youth Employment Information
The YEI site brings together all the youth employment information available from the Government of Canada. The site provides links to various volunteer opportunities within Canada and internationally.
Youth International
Youth International offers experiential learning programs in Africa, Asia, and South America. Programs are approximately 3 months in length.