Academic Information & Course Transfer

Transfer of Exchange Course Credit

Courses taken while on an international exchange are not deemed transfer credit but are considered University of Lethbridge course credit, and as such, count towards residency requirements. Non-management students, however, may have alternate residency requirements; therefore, they should consult with their academic advisor. Exchange courses are recorded differently on students' U of L transcripts as compared to courses completed at the U of L. Before applying to go on exchange, please consult your academic advisor to see what exchange courses best fit into your program.

Grades from exchange courses are not factored into a student's U of L GPA. Exchange course grades are recorded as simply a pass or fail and are not assigned a letter grade on the student’s U of L transcript.

It is not possible to complete any specific U of L course requirements on an exchange. All courses taken on exchange will transfer back to the U of L as non-specific electives. The specific name of the exchange course (or even the type of course) will not be recorded on U of L transcripts. The following grid summarizes the exchange course transfer procedure.

Exchange Course Taken Recorded on U of L transcript as:

Management or Business courses Mgmt 3XXX/4XXX
Humanities courses Hum 1XXX / 2XXX
Social Science courses Scci 1XXX / 2XXX
Fine Arts courses Fine Arts 1XXX/ 2XXX

NOTE: Science courses are rarely available to exchange students. We recommend students complete all required science courses at the U of L.

Exchange University Transcript

Students are strongly advised to consider exchange semester dates when applying for graduation as this may affect your graduation date.


Final course registration upon arrival at the exchange university

Students need to email their list of courses to their academic advisor to confirm proper transferability

Must complete min. course load required by host university

Tuition Costs

Tuition paid to UofL

Small fees may be charged by partners

Exchange tuition amounts cannot be viewed on Bridge; please contact Cash Office