General Information

General Information

The six-week Malaysia Work Study program is designed to allow students direct exposure to the culture and working environment of Malaysia without the expense and time commitments of a full-fledged exchange. Through a six-week unpaid practicum in Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, students receive first-hand international business experience while working on various projects.

Prior to the practicum in Malaysia (MGT 4640), students complete the classroom pre-requisite, MGT 3640, Cross-cultural Management Practices or MGT 3650, Introduction to International Management. If a student has taken other international management courses, s/he can request a pre-requisite waiver.

While the focus of the work study is exposure to the international business environment, the cultural experience the students receive while they are on the practicum is also a crucial component.

During the practicum, students learn about Malaysia through a series of evening presentations, which address different aspects of living and working in Malaysia. The speakers for these presentations include Canadian expatriates and members of the Malaysian business and academic communities. Past presenters have included the president of Federal Battery, a Malaysian car battery manufacturer, an Islamic banking expert, a professor of Islamic business ethics, and a Canadian expatriate who owns a computer consulting firm in Kuala Lumpur.

The experience has been very rewarding for University of Lethbridge students who brought home rewarding experiences that will stay with them throughout their careers.

For more information about the work study please contact:

Andrea Amelinckx (M2063, Markin Hall)