Required Courses for Public Health Majors

Year 1 - Fall Semester (Dec-Apr)
Anthropology 1000 The Anthropological Perspective
Biology 1010 Cellular Basis of Life
Public Health 1000 Introduction to Public Health
Sociology 1000 Introduction to Sociology
Fine art and humanities elective

Year 1 - Spring Semester (Jan-Apr)
Health Sciences 2700 Health and Society
Writing 1000/university English course
Fine arts and humanities elective

Year 2 - Fall Semester (Sep-Dec)
Health Sciences 2400 Medical Microbiology
Health Sciences 3002 Health Promotion
Public Health 2000 Population Health
Public Health 3100 Environmental Health

Year 2 - Spring Semester (Jan-Apr)
Health Sciences 2310 Human Nutrition
Health Sciences 3450 Applied Statistics for Clinical Practice
Public Health 2100 Policy and Health
Public Health 3000 Canadian and Global Perspectives
Science Elective
Year 3 - Fall Semester (Sep-Dec)
Health Sciences 2003 Epidemiology
Public Health 4000 Advanced Public Health
Public Health/Health Sciences elective
Public Health/Health Sciences elective
Year 3 - Spring Semester (Jan-Apr)
Health Sciences 3260 Research in the Health Sciences
Health Sciences 3500 Information in Health Care
Health Sciences 3510 Program Planning & Evaluation
Public Health 3420 Public Health Ethics
Public Health/Health Sciences elective

Year 4 - Fall Semester (Sep-Dec)
Fine Arts and Humanities elective
Public Health/Health Sciences elective
Public Health/Health Sciences elective

Year 4 - Spring Semester (Jan-Apr)
Pubilc Health 4550 Public Health Practicum (optional)

The Program Planning Guide lists all required courses in the program and provides students with more information on the exciting major in Public Health.

Students interested in specific career paths can find a list of suggested courses at

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