Culminating Activities

Master of Education programs require students to exit the program through a culminating activity. Students are required to complete at least one course equivalent in the form of a culminating activity. Students may choose one of three options: thesis, project or capstone.

Capstone Option (Education 6006 or 6021; equivalent to one semester course; 3 credit hours)

Project Option (Education 6000 - 6001 or 6021 - 6022; equivalent to two semester courses; 6 credit hours)

Thesis Option (Education 6011 - 6014 or 6023 - 6026; equivalent to four semester courses; 12 credit hours)

Culminating activities must adhere to style guidelines of the American Psychological Association (APA, 6th edition). Students are advised to purchase a copy of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association to guide them in correctly formatting a thesis, project, or capstone.

Theses/Projects Samples:

Samples of theses and projects are available on DSpace. Students should be aware that a wide variety of topics are represented. Students should consult with their supervisors to find the most appropriate theses/projects to peruse relative to their own area of research.

Master of Counselling students should refer to the web page providing specifics on the M.C. project.