Research in Education Seminar Series Archives

This page contains the past presentations in the research seminar series since 2002.

Mark Bevan

As Director, Workforce Planning and Development Branch, Alberta Education, Mark's work focused on strategic workforce planning and the development of Alberta's education sector workforce. Mark will present the findings of his research, "A Transformation in Progress: Alberta's K-12 education workforce 2012/2013", on Alberta's teaching force and what implications future population growth and demographic trends may hold for the teaching workforce. (April 2013)

Adam Kreek

2008 Olympic gold medal winner in 8 man rowing competition “Managing change successfully and over coming obstacles to achievement and shared leadership: Lessons for success in a team environment” (October 2012)

Adam Kreek - Teamwork, Shared Leadership from ULethbridge Faculty of Education on Vimeo.

Dr. Mike Mahon

President and Vice Chancellor of the University of Lethbridge “Lessons learned from my experiences in leadership” (February 2012)

Mike Mahon - Leadership from ULethbridge Faculty of Education on Vimeo.

Dr. Bryan Kolb

Faculty, Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience “Moving from brain research to the classroom” (December 2011)

Moving from Brain Research to the Classroom from ULethbridge Faculty of Education on Vimeo.

Dr. Brian Titley

Ingrid Speaker Medal for Distinguished Research and University Scholar

Penance, Prayers, and a Happy Death: Convents and moral rehabilitation of"wayward" women (March 2010)

Dr. Bill Cade

Leaders and Leadsership in Education and Beyond (November 2007)

Dr. Andrew Hakin

The Future of Education (April 2007)

Dr. Rocky Rohwedder

Do Our Campuses Teach Sustainability? (November, 2002)

Interactive Multimedia - Problems and Promises (November, 2002)

Dr. Ed Wasiak

Itaohkanao'pi: The Meeting Place Project (February, 2003)

Dr. Art Aitken

CSATDP: Developing a PD Infrastructure in Mpumalanga (March, 2003)

Dr. Ingrid Johnston

Transgressive Multiculturalism: Exploring questions of Identity and Ideology through Contemporary Canadian Picture Books (2004)

Dr. Margaret Winzer

Thoughts On Early Childhood Education, Early Intervention, and Implications for Teacher Training (June 18, 2004)