Writing 1000: An Introduction to Academic Writing

Writing 1000

Writing 1000 is designed to help students develop skills in academic reading, writing, and reasoning at the university level. In broad terms, students will learn rhetorical strategies for summary, analysis, and persuasion, with particular emphasis placed on writing research papers. There will also be a grammar unit, which addresses typical sentence-level and punctuation problems for students who write in academic contexts, and instruction in Information Literacy.

The focus of this course is on the kinds of reading and writing that are salient to scholarly culture--on the genres that are used in research writing and teaching at the modern research university (perhaps most oviously, the research paper). One of the most obvious features of scholary discourse is citation--the attirubtion of speech or writing to others (usually experts in the discipline or field). In Writing 1000, students learn not just how to cite, but why citation matters, why the statements of other experts (existing knowledge) are essential in the production of reliable new knoweldge.

Please stop by the Academic Writing Program or the Writing Centre for more information about Writing 1000 and how it might be helpful to you as you complete your undergraduate degree.