Talk Dates & Details

2018-19 Talk Dates

Our speakers have been confirmed and the dates have been set for our fifth year. Talk titles and additional details will be finalized in the coming month, so bookmark this page and check back often. Better yet, sign-up for our mailing list and never miss a thing.

Sep 20 '18 Sergio Pellis, Neuroscience (CCBN) A Journey Through the Fields of Play
Oct 25 '18 Maura Hanrahan, Geography Creating Heroes and Claiming the North: Captain Robert Abram Bartlett in the Arctic
Nov 22 '18 Amy Shaw, Canadian Studies “‘A Devil-May-Care Sort of Swagger’: A Case for Remembering Canada in the Boer War”
Jan 24 '19  Alexander Darku, Economics The Building Blocks of Africa's Development: Resources, Politics, and Economics
Feb 28 '19 Tom Johnston, Geography The Geography of Circumstance
Mar 21 '19 Hester Jiskoot, Geography Glaciers — A Hot Topic


2017-18 Talk Dates

Sep 21 '17 Ute Kothe, Biochemistry From the Beginnings of Life to Modern Medicine: Why RNA Matters
Oct 26 '17 Jo-Anne Fiske, Women & Gender Studies Remarkable Husbands and Unusual Fathers: Understanding the Great War a Crucible of Tenderness and Nurture
Nov 23 '17 René Barendregt, Geography Global Climate Archives in Mud and Rock:  The magnetic recorder is always on [somewhere]!
Jan 25 '18   Paul Vasey, Psychology Beyond the Binary: What the West Can Learn from Non-Western Approaches to Gender Diversity
Feb 15 '18 Tom Robinson, Religious Studies Sex, Drugs, Jesus, and Gin
Mar 22 '18 Catherine Kingfisher, Anthropology Locating Happiness: Beyond Individualism



Sep 22 '16 Kevin McGeough, Geog & Archaeology 'I met a traveller from an antique land': The Archaeology of Progress, Decline, and Collapse
Oct 20 ‘16 Roy Golsteyn, Biological Sciences Flower Power: A scientific search for new medicines in Prairie Plants
Nov 24 ‘16 Goldie Morgentaler, English How Dickens Invented Christmas and Why it Matters
Jan 26 ‘17 Janay Nugent, History Converting a Nation: family, religion, and Calvinism in sixteenth and seventeenth-century Scotland
Feb 16 ‘17 Kent Peacock, Philosophy Alberta in the Anthropocene
Mar 23 ‘17 Stacey Wetmore, Chemistry & Biochemistry

DNA Damage, Repair and Disease: How Computers Can Help Us Understand


Sep 24 ‘15 Craig Cooper, History Catching the Crook in Classical Athens
Oct 22 ‘15 Olga Kovalchuk, Biological Sciences Epigenetics of Health and Disease: From Personalized Science to Personalized Medicine
Nov 19 ‘15 Craig Coburn, Remote Sensing Understanding the Complexities of Imaging the Earth: The Challenge of Image Calibration
Nov 26 ‘15 Jennifer Copeland, Kinesiology Sitting, Standing and Stepping: The Health Implications of Our Daily Behaviour
Jan 21 ‘16 Harold Jansen, Political Science The Impact of Digital Technology on Democratic Citizenship in Canada
Feb 25 ‘16 Shawn Bubel, Archaeology Prehistoric Bison Hunters in Southern Alberta: Excavations at the Fincastle Site
Mar 17 ‘16 Reg Bibby, Sociology Beyond the Gods & Back: The Return of Religion in Canada


Sep 25 ‘14 Robbin Gibb, Neuroscience The Forgotten Parent: The Importance of Fathers and Their Experience on the Brain Development of Their Children
Oct 23 ‘14 Patrick Wilson, Anthropology Indigenous Territories and the Rights of Nature in Amazonian Ecuador
Nov 20 ‘14 Ian MacLachlan, Geography Changing Livestock Geographies and Global Meat Consumption: What are the implications?
Jan 22 ‘15 David Naylor, Physics & Astronomy Why Invest in Space Exploration
Feb 26 ‘15 John Harding, Religious Studies Buddha’s World Tour: Global Buddhism in the Modern Era
Mar 19 ‘15 Michelle Hogue, FNTP / Chem & Biochemistry Two-Eyed Seeing: A Different Vision for Teaching Aboriginal Learners Science and Mathematics