Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process

We appreciate your interest in hiring a Co-op student and endeavor to make your student recruitment process hassle-free by offering full inter­view set-up, preparation and facilitation at no cost. There is no formal schedule (dates/deadlines) as such, but it is our recommendation that you post within the first couple of weeks of each semester, close the posting in the last week of the first month (Post for approx 2 weeks) and interview in the middle of the second month.

We do not follow any formalized ranking system. Students may be recruited throughout the year. We encourage you to post work term opportunities often. We will do our utmost to accommodate employ­ers who have specific recruitment needs. The recruitment process at the University of Lethbridge is as follows:

1. Provide us with a description of the job.  Note: This job description should include specific duties, skills, deadlines, experience and academic background required.

2. We will post the position. At your request, applicants may be pre-screened and collected by us, then sent to you via e-mail. Alternatively, you may identify alternative modes of delivery (online, fax, mail, etc.)

3. You decide which of our students you would like to interview and then contact us. Interviews may be held by web methods, telephone, on the U of L campus (we can arrange this), or at the place of employment. Students who accept an interview are considered to be seriously interested in the position, and if the position is offered, will be expected to consider and reply to the offer promptly to avoid delays in hiring.

4. If a suitable student is selected, we are happy to make the initial offer to the student on your behalf. A formal confirmation of the placement is made in writing to the student. The student meets with us to confirm their placement and require­ments for the work term. We are also able to notify any students that have not been selected for a co-op position.

5. Work terms are evaluated through:

  • Site Visit
  • Employer Evaluation Form
  • Student Evaluation Form
  • Monthly journal
  • Final report or final presentation

Keep us informed. We are here to assist you in any way we can. By updating us about student extensions, jobs descriptions and company information, we can ensure mean­ingful work experiences for students and a successful relationship between our office and your organization!