Co-operative Education Option - Graduate Studies

The Co-operative Education Option is available to students in Master of Arts (MA) and Master of Science (MSc) programs. Co-operative education is an educational model that formally integrates academic study at the master’s level with full-time, paid, career-related, relevant work experience in a variety of employment fields, such as government, institutions, and industry. The University, the employer, and you are in partnership to ensure an enriching experience toward your professional development.

a. Admission
You are eligible for the Co-op program in the first semester of your graduate program. Contact us upon starting your graduate studies. Prior to admission into the Co-op program, graduate students are required to submit a "Graduate Supervisor Approval Form" which can be obtained during their first student appointment with a Co-op Coordinator.

The criteria for admission include:
1. Admission to a Master of Arts or Master of Science program
2. Grade point average and academic standing
3. A resumé and application form
4. A personal interview
5. Approval of the student’s supervisor, in consultation with the School of Graduate Studies and the Arts and Science Career Bridge (Co-operative Education) Office

Other factors such as labour market conditions, work experience, volunteer experience and extracurricular activities are also considered when selecting participants for the program.

b. Requirements
Normally, students are required to complete successfully two work terms of four months each (or one of eight months) to earn the Co-op designation for the MA or MSc degree.

To receive the Co-op designation for the degree, students must complete successfully in addition to the course, major, and degree requirements, two work terms:
Arts and Science 5011 - Co-op Work Experience I
Arts and Science 5012 - Co-op Work Experience II

Students may also opt for one or two more additional work terms:
Arts and Science 5013 - Co-op Work Experience III
Arts and Science 5014 - Co-op Work Experience IV

Students must be registered for the entire duration of the work term(s) applied for through the Co-op program, including extensions, and, once registered, are not permitted to withdraw from the work placement without penalty of failure. A grade of ‘F’-Fail-will be entered on the transcript for the whole term(s) unless extenuating circumstances warrant granting of a Withdrawal with Cause (‘WC’), in accordance with University of Lethbridge policy (see Part 4, Section 3).

Where approval is granted by the Coordinator of Co-operative Education and the Dean of Graduate Studies, a ‘WC’ will be entered on the transcript. Tuition fees will be assessed as per the University’s Withdrawal with Cause policy. Students may consult the Co-op student handbook for further information/regulations and should contact the Coordinator of Co-operative Education for assistance with the procedure.

Before the start of each work term, students must complete the Request for Course Change form and have it signed by his/her Supervisor, Department Chair and the Faculty Dean. This is an online fillable form that must ben printed.

c. Continuation in the Programs
Students must acknowledge, accept, and abide by the requirements and regulations as outlined in the Calendar and the Co-op student handbook.

d. Transfer of Co-op Terms
Students enrolled in a Master of Arts or Master of Science program may not transfer Co-op terms from other institutions.