Studying the Humanities

As a student in the humanities you will have an opportunity to research and study the driving forces behind our human creativity, as well as an opportunity to express your own.

If you are interested in the humanities, you might be interested in:
Canadian Studies
Dramatic Arts
Modern Languages (French, Spanish, Linguistics & Japanese)
Native American Studies
Religious Studies

The Faculty of Arts and Science also offer courses in Blackfoot, Cree, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, and Writing.

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The Study of History within the Humanities

We use History as a way "to understand the direction we're taking.

History is the collective memory of humankind," explains Dr Malcolm Greenshields whose areas of interest include religion, crime, and violence.

Dr. Greenshields is currently working on a book about the history of homicide in the Western world. This book will act as an overview of people's habits of killing each other for different reasons, starting with an examination of the Old Testament through to today.

He is particularly interested in such questions as: Who commits homicide? Why? To whom? How is homicide justified? What is done about it?

The Study of History within the Humanities

English professor Dr Goldie Morgantaler describes the discipline of English as "the science of communication," and explains that, in one way or another, English is able to "incorporate all other disciplines."

She makes this claim a working reality in her research field of examining biological issues as they are presented in the 19th- Century Victorian novel.

Dr. Morgentaler's first book examined heredity in the works of Charles Dickens. She has now extended that research into the representations of birth, breeding, and death in the 19th-Century Victorian novel, examining these from a biological point of view.