2015 Speakers

Physics and Astronomy Speaker Series 2015

Thursdays, 1:40-2:55, C640
Everyone is welcome to attend

January 22nd | Hoimonti Rozario, University of Lethbridge
Comprehensive Exam. Talk. Laboratory Studies for Planetary Remote Sensing Applications

January 29th | Lindsay LeBlanc, University of Alberta
CAP Lecture Tour Speaker. Exploring the Secrets of Many-Particle Quantum Systems Using laser – Cooled Quantum Gases

February 12th | Matthew Robbins, University of Lethbridge
Undergraduate Presentation. Modifications of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle Motivated by Quantum Gravity

February 26th | Garth Huber, University of Regina
Deep Exclusive Meson Production: Studies of Underlying Quark-Gluon Structure at Jefferson lab’s Hall C

March 5th | Rainer Dick, University of Saskatchewan
Dark Matter at Colliders and in the Sky, and in Canada

March 12th | Kent Peacock, University of Lethbridge, Department of Philosophy
An Entangled History: EPR, Bell's Theorem, and Beyond

March 19th | Christopher Cully, University of Calgary
The Earth as a natural particle accelerator

March 26th | Joseph Maciejko, University of Alberta
Topological Quantum Materials

April 2nd | Jo-Anne Brown, University of Calgary
Imaging the Invisible with the Little Radio Telescope that Could

April 9th | David Siminovitch, University of Lethbridge, Department of Physics
A prospective commentary on a talk by Paul Callaghan entitled ‘Surprising connections: the diverse world of magnetic resonance’

April 16th | Matthew Robbins, University of Lethbridge
Honours Thesis Talk. Open Quantum Mechanics and Decoherence

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