ASPIRE (Arts & Science Programs Inspiring Research & Exploration)


ASPIRE (Arts & Science Programs Inspiring Research & Exploration) offers year-round activities to children and adults alike.  Our goal is to promote ASPIRE and educate children, youth, and community members to have the power and knowledge to make a difference in the world.   ASPIRE programs offer experiences, learning opportunities, and mentorship that we hope will enhance the lives of all students, leading to life-long learning as individuals pursue careers in their chosen fields.  

We offer experiential activities such as do-it-yourself science which empower people to try it themselves and leads to an entrepreneurial and self-motivated learning frame of mind.  Using inclusive and cross-cultural activities we also aim to inspire, engage, and spark a curiosity for lifelong learning in every member of the Lethbridge and southern Alberta communities.

ASPIRE serves the communities in Southern Alberta and the University of Lethbridge by:

  • Showcasing the U of L as a center of excellence and leadership and as a destination university (e.g. by attracting the Canada-Wide Science Fair)
  • Exposing the community, particularly children and youth, year-round to science, technology, engineering and math (and related fields)
  • Offering in- and out-of-school activities that enhance and build on the Alberta curriculum
  • Sparking curiosity and encouraging excitement and interest in all areas of arts and science
  • Educating the community about the relevance of ASPIRE in everyday life and about career opportunities in ASPIRE
  • Contributing to the development of children and youth as leaders of tomorrow
  • Being a part of activities important to the community, and contributing our knowlege, time and expertise to support these activities
  • Engaging children, youth, their families, schools and the general community in continuing exchange with the University community (e.g. at the Spooky Science Nights)
  • Extending the University experience to children and youth as potential future U of L students
  • Attracting more, highly motivated students to enroll in ASPIRE programs in general, and at the U of L in particular to increase student recruitment and retention
  • Adding value to the U of L undergraduate and graduate student experience by offering opportunities in ASPIRE outreach and community engagement for U of L students thereby enabling them to become future U of L and science ambassadors and engaged citizens

Please visit the links to the left for a summary of the ASPIRE Programs currently operating at the University of Lethbridge. ASPIRE activities take place on and off campus (e.g. in schools) year-round.

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