ASPIRE (Arts & Science Programs Inspiring Research & Exploration)

ASPIRE (Arts & Science Programs Inspiring Research & Exploration) at the University of Lethbridge will target different disciplines and different age groups in year-round activities with the common aim of promoting ASPIRE and educating children and youth as the leaders of tomorrow. We aim to provide opportunities for experiences, learning, mentoring and enhancing the education experience of all students leading to life-long learning and careers in their chosen field. Through experiential, do-it-yourself science and other activities we will provide children and youth with opportunities which lead a natural progression towards research and innovation. Using inclusive, cross-cultural activities we will inspire, engage and spark the curiosity for lifelong learning in the people of Lethbridge and Southern Alberta.

ASPIRE serves the communities in Southern Alberta and the University of Lethbridge by:

  • Showcasing the U of L as a center of excellence and leadership and as a science destination university (e.g. by attracting the Canada-Wide Science Fair)
  • Exposing the community, particularly children and youth, year-round to science, technology, engineering and math (and related fields)
  • Expanding the offering of ASPIRE activities within and beyond the Alberta curriculum
  • Sparking the curiosity of children and youth and encouraging their excitement about all ASPIRE fields
  • Educating the community about the relevance of ASPIRE in everyday life and about career opportunities in ASPIRE
  • Contributing to the development of children and youth as leaders of tomorrow with a critical understanding and appreciation of ASPIRE
  • Engaging children, youth, their families, schools and the general community in continuing exchange with the University community (e.g. at the Spooky Science Nights)
  • Extending the University experience to children and youth as potential future U of L students
  • Attracting more, highly motivated students to enroll in ASPIRE programs in general, and at the U of L in particular to increase student recruitment and retention
  • Adding value to the U of L undergraduate and graduate student experience by offering opportunities in ASPIRE outreach and community engagement for U of L students thereby enabling them to become future U of L and science ambassadors and engaged citizens

Please visit the links to the left for a summary of the ASPIRE Programs currently operating at the University of Lethbridge. ASPIRE activities take place on and off campus (e.g. in schools) year-round.

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