French major

Requirements for the French Major in the Faculty of Arts and Science

Majors must successfully complete a minimum of 15 courses in French.

Required courses:

1. One of the following pairs (a. or b.):

a. Non-Immersion Pair (for students who have completed French 30, French 31, or equivalent)

  • French 1500 - Intermediate Language I
  • French 2000 - Intermediate Language II

Note: Students who have not completed French 30 or French 31 (or equivalent) should begin their program with French 1000 and/or French 1100 depending on the placement test (see the Department Placement Policy). These courses will count among the five additional courses in French.


b. Immersion Pair (for students who have completed French Language Arts 30, Français 30, or equivalent)

  • French 2001 - Intermediate Language for Immersion Graduates
  • One additional course in French

2. French 2300 - Introduction to Modern Literature and Literary Analysis

3. French 3001 - Advanced Language I

4. French 3100 - Survey of Pre-Revolutionary French Literature

5. One of:

  • French 4001 - Advanced Language II
  • French 4002 - Advanced Studies in Language (Series)

6. Three additional courses in French at the 3000/4000 level

7. One additional course in French at the 4000 level

8. Five additional courses in French

Note: French 2250 will count toward the maximum number of French courses allowed in the Arts and Science French major but not toward the minimum 15 courses required for this major, except for students in the B.A./ B.Ed. program.

Suggested Sequencing Plan

See for a suggested sequencing plan for the French major in the B.A. program.

Summary: French major

Minimum number of French courses required 15
Number of cognate courses required 0
Total number of courses required for the French major 15
(Independent Study - Optional; may be counted in required courses for major)