Alberta Airborne LiDAR Stakeholder Meeting

Hosted by the Alberta Terrestrial Imaging Centre, University of Lethbridge

July 8th and 9th, 2013

Alberta has the largest aerial coverage of airborne lidar of any province in Canada. The private sector and the provincial government have proactively engaged the technology to support a range of applications in the engineering, environmental, energy and natural resources sectors.

The objective of the meeting is to explore ways in which the value of airborne lidar data holdings can be enhanced for public, private and academic sector stakeholders. Best practices for data processing, portability, archival, reporting, and training will be discussed.

The first day of the meeting will host a day of presentations by regional, national and international experts summarising the current state of technology, operations, data processing, research, applications and project guidelines. Day two will host short presentations and panel discussion on a range of best practice issues followed by open forum discussion. For anyone interested, a field trip and demonstration of a long range terrestrial laser scanner will be provided on July 10th.

Following the meeting a questionnaire will be distributed and, along with observations from the stakeholder forum, the results will be compiled into a report which will be distributed to all participants.

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