Day 2 Program | Tuesday, July 9th | LiDAR Stakeholder Meeting

Airborne LiDAR Stakeholder Meeting

Date: Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Location: Turcotte Hall (TH241)

Refreshment and lunch breaks are provided free of charge to registered participants.


Intro (Chris Hopkinson – Facilitator)

9:10 The need for data and reporting standards
9:25 ‘Standards’ panel discussion (GoA, NRCan, Airborne Imaging, rapidlasso, NEON)
10:15 Open Q & A
10:35 BREAK
11:00 Which sectors most need lidar procedural best practices and what are they?
11:25 Breakout group discussion
12:00 Feedback
12:30 LUNCH
13:30 Lidar data centres: do we need them?
13:50 ‘Data centres’ panel discussion (Tesera, Airborne, GoA, NRCan, UVic)
14:40 Open Q & A
15:10 BREAK
15:30 What are the training and certification needs of the lidar community?
15:50 Breakout group discussion
16:25 Feedback
16:50 Wrap Up
17:00 END