Applied Studies 2000 - Basic Field Experience

Applied Studies 2000 offers students the opportunity to earn academic credit for learning gained through employment or volunteer experiences related to their field of study. During the field placement, students explore their interests and aptitudes, test and reinforce the theories and principles learned in the classroom.

Basic Requirements

  • Minimum GPA 2.0
  • Second-year standing (a minimum 30.0 successful credit hours)
  • To work (paid/volunteer) a minimum of 10 hours/week for 12 weeks (120 hours)
  • To submit monthly reports to the Coordinator on due dates as outlined in the student’s Course Information Email (Refer to report guidelines)
  • Participate in on-site Monitor Visit
  • Placement Supervisor’s submission of Student Performance Evaluation

Monthly Report Guidelines:

  • 2-5 pages in length
  • Summary of hours completed
  • Reflection on progression of Learning Objectives
  • Demonstrates analysis of skill development (provide examples)
  • Makes connections between academic training and practical experience (demonstrate with examples)
  • Reports should be edited for appropriate grammar and spelling

Final Work Report (Due date as specified in the student’s Course Information Email. Or by special permission, up to 30 days following completion of placement hours):

The final work report should be 10-12 pages in length and examine the employment activity in order to identify and analyze specific learning components. The paper itself must be well written. Grammar, spelling mistakes, and poor organization are unacceptable. Outline as follows:

Introduction: The combination of circumstances (academic, employment and volunteer background) which enabled the student to obtain the position.

Job Description:

  1. A brief outline of the history and function of the organization (including the agency’s mandate and/or the purpose of a particular project).
  2. A description of the organizational design of the business or agency on which the work experience is based.
  3. A comprehensive description of the duties and responsibilities the position entails.

Learning Objectives: This section should consider the student’s learning objectives:

  1. Evaluation of specific skills or competencies such as laboratory, research or management skills.
  2. Demonstrates a comprehensive knowledge of the industry or field.
  3. Connections made between academic training and practical experience.
  4. Reflection on experience as it relates to future academic goals or career aspirations.
  5. A self-evaluation of performance. Description of strengths and areas to develop. Provide specific examples.

Conclusion: Summarize your Applied Studies experience. What feedback would you give to other students about your experience?

Students may propose an alternative project format. This must be thoroughly discussed with and approved by an
Applied Studies Coordinator.

Grading and Evaluation

Applied Studies 2000 is graded PASS/FAIL. Students must receive a passing Student Performance Evaluation, complete the minimum amount of placement hours, and submit all the required reports/projects in order to receive a PASS. If course requirements are not fulfilled within the approved time frame, a grade of “F” will appear on the student’s transcript.