Current Students

U of L Economics encompasses a wide number of areas, and students will have the opportunity to explore all of these facets including philosophy and logic, statistics, political science, finance and management, and history. It is a very challenging discipline that teaches you to think critically and be able to look at the real world and explain its workings and policies using economic principles.

All University of Lethbridge undergraduate students are required to complete 40 courses to earn a degree. The specific course requirements for the Economics major are listed on page 122 of the 2018/19 university calendar. A minimum of 13 Economics courses is required with a maximum of 20 courses, including

Economics 1010 - Introduction to Microeconomics

Economics 1012 - Introduction to Macroeconomics

Economics 2750 - Quantitative Methods in Economics

Economics 2900 - Economics and Business Statistics

Economics 3010 - Intermediate Microeconomic Theory

Economics 3012 - Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory

Economics 3950 - Econometrics

At least three (3) 4000 level Economics courses.

Students considering enrolling in a Graduate Studies Program (Master's) should also complete:

Economics 4010 - Advanced Microeconomic Theory

Economics 4012 - Advanced Macroeconomic Theory

Economics 4150 - Methematical Economics

A program planning guide is available from the Registrar's Office web site that provides a suggested course sequence.