Current Students

Women & Gender Studies is a growing program at the University of Lethbridge.

Using an interdisciplinary approach, with a foundation of feminist theory, courses in the program examine women's lives, bodies, experiences, labour, and scholarship. This program draws on the University's vibrant community of scholars to deliver a curriculum that will provide students with a broader understanding of how current and historical events, as well as ideas and institutions, have been structured by gender, ethnicity, race, age, ability, class, and sexuality. This program explores a diversity of perspectives, with an aim to analyzing and making visible the experiences and contributions of women.

Students in the Faculty of Arts and Science have a number of special opportunities available including:

Graduates from this discipline have gone on to work in such areas as: social work, government immigration and multicultural services, family services, teaching, policymaking, criminology, health care, science, education, law, non-government organizations, and psychology.