Postdoctoral Scholar Opportunities


RNA synthetic biology at the Alberta RNA Research and Training Institute (ARRTI)

The newly-established research group of Dr. Nehal Thakor is currently accepting applications for a postdoctoral fellow and graduate studentship positions in the research area of RNA synthetic biology. Applicants will ideally have experience in SELEX, RNA chemical probing, and RNA structure function analysis. Experience with RNA-seq and RNA bioinformatics will be an asset. The postdoctoral position is tenable for a period of one year, and may be extended depending on funding and performance.

Dr. Thakor is a Campus Alberta Innovates Program research chair in Synthetic Biology and RNA-based system. The Thakor lab is focused on studying aspects of RNA synthetic biology and protein translation regulation.

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply by contacting Dr. Nehal Thakor.

Positions will remain open until filled.


Arctic land-terminating glacier changes and related surface mass balance

Project Description:
Remote sensing and DEM analysis of short and medium term changes in glacier area and volume using a variety of remote sensing and DEM data, as well as supplemental mass balance data. Candidates require a solid background in glaciology, and especially knowledge of surface mass balance and glacier remote sensing, including semi-automated and manual digitization of land-terminating margins from high resolution images. Also required are one or more of the following: an active understanding of glacier system response to climate change, experience in analysis of GIS and RS-based glacier inventories, historical glacier fluctuations, satellite image and surface DEM processing/differencing, and surface mass balance data. This project is one of the sub-themes of the NSERC-funded research program "Effects of Arctic sea fog on glacier melt", which has a main focus on glacierized coastal regions in Greenland and Arctic Canada.

Program of Study:

Research Assistantship through NSERC-supported Supervisor. Potential additional funding through several internal and external awards, including Teaching Assistantship.

Contact Information:
Hester Jiskoot, PhD

Other Information:
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