Postdoctoral Scholar Opportunities


Arctic land-terminating glacier changes and related surface mass balance

Project Description:
Remote sensing and DEM analysis of short and medium term changes in glacier area and volume using a variety of remote sensing and DEM data, as well as supplemental mass balance data. Candidates require a solid background in glaciology, and especially knowledge of surface mass balance and glacier remote sensing, including semi-automated and manual digitization of land-terminating margins from high resolution images. Also required are one or more of the following: an active understanding of glacier system response to climate change, experience in analysis of GIS and RS-based glacier inventories, historical glacier fluctuations, satellite image and surface DEM processing/differencing, and surface mass balance data. This project is one of the sub-themes of the NSERC-funded research program "Effects of Arctic sea fog on glacier melt", which has a main focus on glacierized coastal regions in Greenland and Arctic Canada.

Program of Study:

Research Assistantship through NSERC-supported Supervisor. Potential additional funding through several internal and external awards, including Teaching Assistantship.

Contact Information:
Hester Jiskoot, PhD

Other Information:
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